Fight C

An Enforcer sights his Sequitur 40

Like the EM .25 the Sequitur 40 is a high powered energy weapon. The Sequitur 40 features a much larger battery and more extensive cooling systems, allowing for more powerful kills, blasts at a higher rate of fire. In addition the barrel features an advanced focusing system that allows for higher effective range. The key feature however is the targeting system that interacts with the HUD of an Enforcer goggles.

The HUD targeting assist.Edit

The targeting system is not an auto targeting technology, but a system that allows the user to see in augmented reality the trajectory of the shots to be fired. This allows the weapon to be fired more effectively from the hip as well as compensating for a design that prevents manual visual sighting due to the awkward but necessary placement of the barrel in relation to the large battery and cooling system.